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Agent+AI Hybrid Bot Solution for Automated Customer Service

The e-bot7 AI model integrates into your existing customer service CRM system. We extract historical support tickets to train a convolutional neural network and support your agents with a self-learning AI that automates more and more questions over time.

Say goodbye to “copy & paste” und manual typing


Our hybrid bot solution works together with your agents. Once a message is received, our bot suggests the best answer to the agent directly in his existing CRM. The agent just has to confirm and the message is sent. Through this model, we can guarantee that there will be no wrong answers to your customers.

Not only does our system enable quicker and smarter responses for your agents and thus increases employee satisfaction, it also automates more and more repetitive and recurring questions since your AI will constantly learn.

Fully Automated Bot

Once our system recognizes and exceeds a certain confidence level, let’s say 99%, the answer is automatically sent out by the bot so that the agents do not even have to look at the answer anymore.

Through this, more and more questions get automated and your agents can finally concentrate on the more complex tasks. Also, your customers will love the system since questions are processed quicker, smarter and more direct on their preferred channel.


The algorithm behind our solution is based on a technologically highly complex artificial neural network, also called “convolution neural network”. The network is based on multi-dimensional layers, which retrieve their outputs based on past processes and events. The combination of our mathematical vectorization of text blocks and the constant comparison with a dynamic artificial intelligence database, result in optimal results for your customer service.

Advantages of Agent+AI

Reduce Average Handling Time and Costs

E-bot7 analyses incoming tickets and customer support requests. By tagging messages in the right categories and sending them to the right department, e-bot7 can increase agent capacity by 50%. In addition, the AI learns from every agent interaction, so it gets smarter over time.

Automate Recurring Questions

With e-bot7 you can automate repetitive and recurring questions, allowing you to concentrate on more complex tasks and solve unexpected volume spikes with ease. You can offer customer service 24/7, 365 days a year.

Consolidate your Knowledge Base

E-bot7 suggests the right answers to your agents, so that they no longer have to search through templates or knowledge articles. And of course, no more copy & paste from word documents.

Boost Employee and Customer Satisfaction

Agents can automate routine tasks, eliminate reappearing questions and focus on bringing the best experience to customers. Your agents will love their new AI co-worker.

How you can use us


Enhance the efficiency of your customer service center through our hybrid bot solution Agent+AI


Implement Chatbots and automate recurring questions on messaging channels such as Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp & Co.

Internal Knowledge Base

Integrate a constantly improving AI database that will learn from itself through every interaction

Automate your customer service through AI

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use e-bot7 inside my customer service center?

We take care of the integration into your existing CRM system. Depending on which CRM you are using, the integration time is between 4h and 3 days. We take care of the entire process. We only need existing historical support tickets, with which we can build the basis of your AI system. The system is then ready to use and immediately helps you in your operational business.

Which processes can e-bot7 automate?

1. Incoming messages are analyzed and automatically forwarded to the right department. Once there, the agent receives valuable data on the type, sentiment and priority of the request. 2. The Agent + AI model provides agents with valuable suggestions directly in their CRM system and enables smart and fast responses. 3. If a certain probability level is exceeded, the AI model sends the response automatically, without any work from your side.

How secure is the data?

You can decide for yourself whether you want to host in our secure cloud or on your own infrastructure. We emphasize great importance to the security of your data and have therefore ISO certified servers with the highest security standards.

If you have any questions just give us a call: +49 (0) 89 33984110

or contact us via e-mail: info@e-bot7.com