Fast, flexible and secure integration

Integrations allow you to expand the benefits of our AI solution even further.

Standardized APIs enable complex solutions to individual requirements.

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Full Flexibility

Stand-Alone Platform

Use our AI-powered platform to communicate with your customers on any messaging, e-mail and/or live-chat channel.


We integrate easily and quickly into your existing customer service center, e-mail and or live-chat application.

As Open API

Do you need an individual integration for your service? No problem.

e-bot7 platform integration benefits

Securely in our Cloud or on Premise

Stand alone platform integration

e-bot7 as SaaS

We take care of everything

As a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, you will leave the effort of the application completely to us. This ensures a quick and easy realization of the project. We guarantee availability, data security and cost transparency.

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On Premise

You are in charge

During the installation, e-bot7 is fully integrated into your existing server infrastructure. You control the entire systems and services. Of course, we will provide you with new updates and features.