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Fast, flexible and secure integration

You can host in our secure cloud or on premise.

Within a few hours you can already improve the efficiency in your customer service.

Full Flexibility

Stand-Alone Platform

Use our AI powered platform to communicate with you customers on any messaging, e-mail and/or live-chat channel.

The AI ​​training takes place on our platform in our secure cloud or in your own server infrastructure, which you can access at any time.


We integrate easily and quickly into your existing customer service center, e-mail and or live-chat application.

The AI ​​training takes place on our platform in our secure cloud or in your own server infrastructure, which you can access at any time.

As Open API

Do you need an individual integration for your service? No problem.

With our open API, you can flexibly integrate e-bot7 into any other software according to your specific needs.

Please feel free to contact us.

Securely in our Cloud or on Premise

e-bot7 as SaaS

We take care of everything

As a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, you will leave the effort of the application completely to us. This ensures a quick and easy realization of the project. We guarantee availability, data security and cost transparency.

On Premise

You are in charge

During the installation, e-bot7 is fully integrated into your existing server infrastructure. You control the entire systems and services. Of course, we will provide you with new updates and features.

5 simple steps to integration

We will support you from the beginning on both as an integration partner and as a permanent supporter with our qualified and experienced consultants and technical experts


Introductory Workshop

At the start of a project, we advise your colleagues about Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence. We take the results and work with your colleagues to determine the objectives and next steps of the project.


Design and Configuration

Together with one of your agents, we set the basic structure for your artificial intelligence project. We train the algorithm with your historical support tickets and provide you with the results on our platform. You already have the possibility to carry out tests.



Once the algorithm is trained, we can start with the integration into your existing CRM system. Depending on which CRM you are using, the integration will take between 4h and 3 days.



We are happy to support your agents throughout the whole process to help them to efficiently answer customer queries through our software before and after the integration.



We also advise you on the preparation and realization of the roll-out. You will be able to train your agents on your own.

Supercharge your customer service through AI

Contact us

If you have any questions just give us a call:

+49 (0) 89 33984110

or contact us via e-mail: info@e-bot7.com