Forbes selects e-bot7 founders in DACH’s ‘top 30 under 30’ list

Forbes e-bot7 Top 30 under 30 top 30 AI startups

Forbes Top 30 under 30 e-bot 7 Beringer Lehmann Gerer

6th June 2018 – e-bot7 founders Fabian Beringer, Xaver Lehmann and CTO Max Gerer were recognized by Forbes as most influential technology pioneers and made it into the ‘top 30 under 30’ list of the Germany speaking regions in 2018.


Each year, Forbes acknowledges founders, leaders and stars with an outstanding vision who achieve pioneering work in their field. We at e-bot7 are thrilled to receive this great award along with the recognition of our commitment to advance artificial intelligence in Germany.

Beringer e-bot7 Forbes top 30 under 30

Fabian Beringer, founder and CEO of e-bot7, ‘top 30 under 30’ in the category technology


Before founding e-bot7, Beringer was active in various industries, such as the music industry or at an event agency. There is one industry however, he particularly grew fond of, namely the use of artificial intelligence for customer service through using chatbots. In his current position as a marketing and sales expert at e-bot7 his rhetorical abilities are now also a benefit for him. The technology start-up was founded in mid-2016 and meanwhile large European companies, and rapidly growing companies are among its customers. Together with Maximilian Gerer and Xaver Lehmann, he also created the German AI Association, which focuses on the development and application of technologies based on artificial intelligence and simultaneously promotes topics such as data protection in the German Bundestag.

Lehmann e-bot7 Forbes top 30 under 30

Xaver Lehmann, founder and CEO of e-bot7, ‘top 30 under 30’ in the category technology


Xaver Lehmann has already gained several years of experience advising banks and technology companies before his role as CEO of e-bot7. The start-up was able to benefit from his know-how right from the beginning and as a result, there have already been several successful financing rounds, which enable further growth of e-bot7. So far, e-bot7 was represented mostly in the DACH region. However, with the latest funding round they are now expanding into more European countries, whereby the telecommunications, travel and banking industries will be particularly important in the future according to Lehmann.

Gerer e-bot7 Forbes top 30 under 30

Maximilian Gerer, CTO of e-bot7, ‘top 30 under 30’ in the category technology


As a physicist, Gerer can be seen as the brain behind the e-bot7 Chatbot system. After several years as a senior software developer, he is now programming the codes for e-bot7 with the goal of training the AI system to learn through the customer service agent, make the process more efficient and avoid false answers. ‘The chatbot learns during the operational business, so there are no high costs. Even if the bot is only 30% automated in the beginning, the more you use it, the more its knowledge grows’, says Gerer. The bot can respond quickly to regular inquiries however, it will not send out wrong answers because the bot only automatically answers when the confidence level is 98 per cent or higher.


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