e-bot7 wins DIAmond Award 2018

Diamond Award Winner e-bot7

Munich, 19th October 2018 – During this year’s Diamond award, the largest insurtech event worldwide, e-bot 7 and five other innovative insurtechs have been awarded for most strategic impact in the industry. Technologies from the winning companies varied from bots to blockchain and were selected by insurer and insurance investors from all over the world. The event from the Digital Insurance Agenda, the leading series of conferences about innovation in the insurance industry was staged in Munich this year with over 1,000 Participants from 50 different countries.


We highly appreciate the trust of the insurance industry in our product and congratulate all other winners.


Overview winners:

    •  e-bot 7 (Germany): Integration of artificial intelligence in CRM systems to increase efficiency in customer service https://e-bot7.de



    • Creadi (Switzerland): AI-based insurance platform that allows customers to find individual solutions https://www.creadi.ch/



    • Codafication (Australia): Strengthening Insurers by Expanding Infrastructure and Enabling mobile Omni-Channel experience https://codafication.com



You can find more information about the award here.