e-bot7 voted in the top 5 startups in Central and Eastern Europe at Infoshare 2019

infoshare startup contest winner e-bot7 2019

In the last years, the Infoshare technology conference in Gdańsk, Poland became one of the largest events for experts and enthusiasts of new technologies & marketing in Central and Eastern Europe. Infoshare also initiated a Startup contest, to honour the most innovative Startups that use new technologies. The competition is open to Startups from all over the world and received over 600+ submissions this year. Infoshare and Gdańsk newspaper have interviewed our colleague Jerome Flint as one of the finalists of the Infoshare startup competition and asked about our Agent+AI® hybrid solution.

infoshare 2019 start up contest e-bot7 winner final

Many clients, when they have a negative experience with the company, do not file a complaint, because they have to choose between a hotline (where they wait half an hour for a call), or e-mail address (where they will wait for the answer for up to three days). This is a pity because customer service is the key to business success. If you are able to please a customer who first had a bad experience, the customer will be more loyal and besides, you will learn how you can improve your product or service. However, it is difficult to properly calibrate such a service, at a time when we are flooded with information every day.


Because of the volume of information and data is so big today, companies need to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI). In our opinion the best AI solution is hybrid, so people are included in the process.


Despite what we see in movies, Artificial Intelligence will not take over the world! It is very useful when it comes to automating recurring processes, but it can’t completely replace the human workforce by now.


In our hybrid Agent+AI® solution, human agents work together with AI. There are human customer service agents with emotional and creative intelligence who enter the interaction when Artificial Intelligence is unable to cope with the customer’s response. A well-trained AI-system only responds to questions which it has learned before. Therefore, we have integrated a confidence level, which the company can set up individually. If a question comes in that has never been asked before, the confidence level of the AI-system is very low, and the bot forwards the question directly to a skilled customer service agent with the most suitable answer suggestions. This routing enhances the process, which will save employees a lot of time and the company a lot of money because it reduces employment in easier cases by up to half.


The integration of our technology is very easy and fast. It can be integrated as a plug and play solution with no additional technical resources on the customer’s side. We can integrate our solution into any other customer service system which is already active in the company through our API, and artificial intelligence will learn from this system.

infoshare 2019 start up contest e-bot7 winner final

We want to thank Infoshare for selecting us amongst the top 5 most innovative startups in Central and Eastern Europe.


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