Chatbot Lisa developed by e-bot7 wins CAT award 2018

At CCW 2018 a lot of the discussions were about Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots. O2 is already using an AI with its Bot LISA – Christian Schmidtchen, Head of Digital Assistance & Innovation in Customer Service & Sales at Telefonica Germany, has been awarded the CAt award for Germany at CCW for this project. Thanks to the Bot LISA, the volume of requests via chat and hotline was reduced by around 8,000 contacts per week. Half of the inquiries will be processed completely case by case in two to three seconds by LISA. The other half releases an agent manually and the customer receives his answer within half a minute.


o2 lisa developed by e-bot7


– Chatbot Lisa gives out information –


Mr. Schmidtchen, congratulations on CAT-Award 2018! Could you briefly introduce your project with which you applied for the award?
We have launched a chatbot, LISA, which serves our customers as an intelligent online digital assistant. It was important to us in this project that we connect human with artificial intelligence. We only give automated answers to our customers, for whom LISA is absolutely certain that they are correct. We realized the project together with Wayra and the startup e-bot7.


Which questions does Lisa take on?
Basically, you can ask LISA everything. She knows our tariffs, our smartphones and learns with every question. For example, if you ask LISA today about the new Samsung S9, it shows all the relevant information and, if necessary, forwards you directly to the shop.


How is Chatbot LISA accepted by your customers?
Very good and the usage rate increases from week to week. However, it is very important to us that our customers always have the opportunity to choose their preferred contact channel. At best, our customers are so confident in our digital self-service that we can help them quickly and easily through LISA or our “My o2” app.


Are you planning to use AI or chatbots in other areas as well, perhaps for more complex tasks?
I am convinced that in LISA we are only beginning to see the rise of artificial intelligence in our industry. Development in this area is progressing at a rapid pace. AI will soon be able to answer more complex questions.


o2 customer service team


– Why Lisa is also loved by the employees –


How did your employees react to LISA?
Our employees were instrumental in the development and are therefore very positive about LISA. If LISA is unsure of a response, an employee will review the interaction and take corrective action if necessary. This is how our colleagues are directly involved. In addition, they see the benefits that come from using the technology: they have more time and scope for complex customer inquiries.


And last but not least, how did you celebrate winning the CAt Award?
As the LISA team, we were really happy and celebrated the award together. Each of us has put a lot of energy and passion into the project. To get so much recognition from an expert jury makes us very proud.


The CAt Award is presented every year at the CCW and honours the best call centre managers of the year in the DACH region. The prestigious award is presented by the CCW organizer Management Circle and the specialist magazine “CallCenterProfi”.


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