March 2019

Hybrid Chatbot Solution customer service e-bot7

In times of highly competitive markets, the focus of businesses is consumer-centric and customer service becomes more important. Therefore, a lot of companies today face the problem of maintaining high customer service performance with increasing customer requests. Scaling up customer service capabilities is cost-intensive and ineffective given that most customer service requests are repetitive and do not need intensive human handling....

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plug and play Fintech e-bot7 Frankfurt

Frankfurt, 19th of March 2019 - Fintech Europe, Plug and Play's fintech-focused innovation platform based out of Frankfurt, Germany, announced today the nine startups selected for its third batch. The platform has grown its partner base to nine Financial Institutions in the last 10 months, with Deutsche Bank, TechQuartier, BNP Paribas, Nets Group, Aareal Bank, Abanca, Danske Bank, DZ Bank, and Elo. It runs a...

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