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e-bot7 Agent+AI®

e-bot7 develops and integrates artificial intelligence for your customer service.

Our system analyzes incoming messages, forwards them to the right department, and provides agents with smart answers during the operational business. The AI ​​system is constantly learning, supports your agents and automates more and more responses & processes.

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The Agent+AI hybrid solution from e-bot7 analyses incoming messages forwards them to the right department and provides support agents with smart response suggestions during operations. The AI system is constantly learning and supports employees with automated responses and processes.

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On average our customers achieve the following KPIs

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35% savings in process costs

Reduce process costs through lower average handing times (AHT) and faster resolution rates.

44% increase in automation rate

Work more efficiently with automation, AI-based suggestions and intelligent routing.

32% increase in customer satisfaction (NPS)

Improve customer experience through quicker and more precise answers and processes.

Integrate our AI into different solutions and channels

Use our AI stand-alone platform or integrate our solution into existing services to efficiently communicate with your customers on different channels.

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Use AI and increase the efficiency across your organization

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Data security is important to us

Security and data privacy are of great importance to us. By complying to the GDPR guidelines, 2-factor authentication, encryption as well as our precise role and authorization concepts, you are on the safe side regarding data protection and security standards.

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Automate your Customer service through AI

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