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We supercharge your customer service through the integration of artificial intelligence

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e-bot7 Agent+AI

e-bot7 develops and integrates artificial intelligence for your customer service.

Our system analyzes incoming messages, forwards them to the right department, and provides agents with smart answers during the operational business. The AI ​​system is constantly learning, supports your agents and automates more and more responses.

You can integrate our solution on every messaging channel simultaneously.

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Stand-Alone Platform

Use our AI powered platform to communicate with you customers on any messaging, e-mail and/or live-chat channel.


Add On

We integrate easily and quickly into your existing customer service center, e-mail and/or live-chat application.

Integrations addon

How does it work?


AI Training

We connect to your existing CRM console and train a “convolutional neural network” based on historical support tickets.


Structural Intelligence

After integrating our technology, every message or email goes through our model which predicts valuable meta-data and routes it to the right department. This helps your agents to serve your customers in a smarter, more personalized and effective way.



The Agent+AI model suggests the best answers to your agents and automatically sends them if a certain confidence level is exceeded.

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Selected Customers

Beko BBL
Security Cloud

Secure Server Hosting

Frankfurt / Germany

Data Security – Made in Germany

  1. We store and process customer data exclusively on our ISO-certified security servers in Frankfurt.

  2. Software-side security measures and SSL encryption protects your data against all kinds of attacks.

  3. With 2-factor authentication as well as our precise role and authorization concept, you are externally and internally on the safe side.

Would you like to host internally? No problem
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Automate your Customer service through AI

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use e-bot7 inside my customer service center?

We take care of the integration into your existing CRM system. Depending on which CRM you are using, the integration time is between 4h and 3 days. We take care of the entire process. We only need existing historical support tickets, with which we can build the basis of your AI system. The system is then ready to use and immediately helps you in your operational business.

Which processes can e-bot7 automate?

1. Incoming messages are analyzed and automatically forwarded to the right department. Once there, the agent receives valuable data on the type, sentiment and priority of the request. 2. The Agent + AI model provides agents with valuable suggestions directly in their CRM system and enable smart and fast responses. 3. If a certain probability level is exceeded, the AI model sends the response automatically, without any work from your side.

How secure is the data?

You can decide for yourself whether you want to host in our secure cloud or on your own infrastructure. We emphasize great importance to the security of your data and have therefore ISO certified servers with the highest security standards.

If you have any questions just give us a call: +49 (0) 89 33984110

or contact us via e-mail: info@e-bot7.com