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We automate Customer Communication through the Integration of Artificial Intelligence
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The Leading Artificial Intelligence Communication Platform

e-bot7 automates queries and increases the efficiency of customer communication through artificial intelligence.

The AI ​​analyzes incoming messages, supports your team and automates responses and processes. This reduces costs and increases sales.

AI plattform Integrations

Main Use Cases

Customer Service

Increase efficiency and reduce costs by automating 1st level requests and complex 2nd level processes. Support your customer service agents with AI-based response suggestions to help them work even more efficiently.

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Lead Qualification

Let e-bot7 automatically qualify leads, arrange appointments, generate sign ups and increase your conversion rates. Offer your customers an exciting and new way to get in touch with your business.

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On average our customers achieve the following KPIs

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Reduzierung von Zeit und Kosten

57% cost savings and freed up capacity

Reduce support costs through lower average handling times (AHT) and faster resolution rates.


66% higher conversions and signups

Skip forms and have direct conversations with your customers on their preferred channels.

Zufriedenheit von Kunden

32% increase in customer satisfaction (NPS)

Improve customer experience through quicker and more precise answers and processes.

Award-winning Technology

We have won a multitude of awards in such a short period of time, including the prestigious “Impact Award” where we selected out of 2,500 startups from Europe

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