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How Our Chatbot Works

Our Chatbot is driven by artificial intelligence and its NLP System understands most of the requests easily and learns over time


Our Natural Language Processing System

Visualization of Language Spectrum

Our Chatbots understand the natural language of the customers. Thanks to the extended language understanding engine with artificial intelligence, the right answer is generated for each question. At the same time, our Chatbots learn through each interaction and extend their vocabulary. Moreover, they understand spelling mistakes as well as synonyms.

How Machine Learning Works

Visualization of  a Machine Learning System

A normal machine learning approach requires lots of data and developers who define targets and test them against a series of correct and incorrect inputs before the Machine Learning System can begin to function well.

With e-bot7 Machine Learning, you already have a great knowledge base right from the start which you can use immediately. Once you have securely uploaded your data into our cloud, they are automatically recognized by the system and your customers can immediately interact with your Chatbot. In addition, you can give your Chatbot a company-specific personality, add a response carousel, and train the system as you wish. The more your customers interact with your Chatbot, the smarter our system and your Chatbot will get.

Machine Learning
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Your Customers demand it

The trends in customer service move to self-service, chat and Chatbots. The numbers show how important it is to adapt to changing customer demands



71 percent of consumers want the ability to solve most customer service issues on their own



Half of consumers said that they would prefer to conduct all customer service interactions via text/chat/messaging



44 percent said that they would prefer to use a chatbot to do so