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Our Platform offers a wide range of different functions

The e-bot7 platform allows brands to manage their messaging presence across all the most popular messaging apps from a single dashboard

Omnichannel Integration

Reach your customers not only on one but on many channels at the same time. With one click, you reach your customers on each channel

Chatbot Trainer
Chatbot Trainer

Your can train your Chatbot easily and efficiently with your team. The more you train it the more intelligent the Chatbot gets and the more costs you will save

Semnatische Datenanalyse

With the help of our data analysis, we provide you with valuable analytical data that will help you to better understand your customers and provide the service they deserve

Life Chat
Life Human Intervention

If necessary, include a support representative in the chat so that they can take over the conversation

Send Message
Schedule Messages

Send personalized messages to your customers to keep them informed about what is going on

Manage Your Messaging Channels All in One Place
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