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Chatbots For Your Business

Automated Customer Service on Messaging Channels

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Why Chatbots?

Cost Reduction
Cost Reduction

Reduce up to 80% of your support costs through a personalized chatbot

Customer Satisfaction
Higher Customer Satisfaction

Increase your customer satisfaction by offering 24/7 Self Service

Higher Retention

Offer your customers an exciting customer support experience and a quick problem resolution

Reach your customers where they are


Website Chat

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

Whats App

Whats App




Omnichannel Chatbots

Integrate your personalized customer support Chatbot on different channels at the same time and reach your customers exactly where they are

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All-In-One Plattform

Manage your Chatbots across all popular messaging channels and integrate your existing help desk software solutions.

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Your customers demand it

The trends in customer service move to self-service, chat and Chatbots. The figures show the importance of adapting to changing customer requirements



71 percent of consumers want the ability to solve most customer service issues on their own



Half of consumers said that they would prefer to conduct all customer service interactions via text/chat/messaging



44 percent said that they would prefer to use a chatbot to do so

Integrate your personalized Chatbot now!

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In 4 steps to your Chatbot

Create Account

1. Create Account

Create your own account and try out every great feature for free. You can immediately integrate your personal Chatbot.


2. Choose Channels

Easily select your preferred messaging channel and automate your customer service on all platforms with just one click.

Cloud Upload

3. Upload Tickets/FAQs

Download your FAQs and support tickets into the system and provide your customers with automated customer service.

Chatbot Integration

4. Chatbot Integration

Integrate your Chatbot on your preferred messaging channel within 2 minutes, and your customers can immediately start interacting.

Selected Customers and Partners

Security Cloud

Secure Server Hosting

Frankfurt / Germany

Data Security – Made in Germany

  1. We store and process customer data exclusively on our ISO-certified security servers in Frankfurt.

  2. Softwareside security measures and SSL encryption protects your data against all kinds of attacks.

  3. With 2-factor authentication as well as our precise role and authorization concept, you are externally and internally on the safe side.